Eleni Shiarlis

About Eleni Shiarlis Lighting

The company's founder, Eleni Shiarlis, graduated in design in 1998 and began her career creating her own collection of original light fittings. From there she progressed to Consultant for a renowned lighting design company, where she worked on a variety of high profile projects.

After establishing independently in 2003 she has built up an impressive portfolio both internationally, across London and the South East. Today, based in Brighton, Eleni Shiarlis Lighting has bought industry knowledge, creativity and passion to a number of inspiring projects, including large scale heritage schemes such as Tower Bridge, Grade I & II listed buildings and groundbreaking flagship retail stores, through to many traditional and contemporary commercial and residential spaces.

Eleni established her lighting company to be a successful and unique business, but also to bring a fresh way of approaching lighting with its environmental repercussions. The company works within all industry guidelines, but also as a business has an awareness of the impact modern life is having on our planet and is passionate about how we can all help.