Restaurant Lighting

Client: Bryce’s Fish Restaurant – Worthing, 2006/2007

Interior and Exterior Lighting Design scheme

Brief: To design a contemporary, sophisticated lighting design scheme for the interior and exterior lighting at this South coast seafood Brasserie, whose owner was looking for an upmarket take on a traditional seafood restaurant. The lighting design scheme had to complement the Edwardian style of the building and be practical and functional without compromising the soft ambience desired for the clientele.

Concept: Bespoke handmade raw silk lampshades with matching wall lights were created giving the restaurant an upmarket feel throughout the space. The client required the bar area to be a pre-dinner destination so diners felt they could sit and relax before their meal in a comfortable living room style atmosphere. The lighting was designed to distinguish the area just enough to create this ambience, whilst managing to maintain the consistent sophisticated feel established throughout the rest of the space.

With the open plan kitchen deemed as important to light as the restaurant, Eleni wanted to give them enough light to work under whilst also designing an aesthetic scheme that blended into the restaurant. Luminaries with CFL’s were used to provide a modern take on seaside restaurant lighting.