Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting Design

Professional commercial lighting design can transform a project, and is proven to be of benefit to all types of commercial venues such as offices, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels and bars. Both interior and exterior lighting is an important marketing tool, and a carefully chosen lighting design scheme will emphasise your brand and merchandise your products.

Companies have become increasingly aware of the importance and the impact that good lighting has within their interior and exterior spaces, and that having direct involvement from a lighting designer in the early stages is a fundamental factor in the success of a project.

Creating the right mood with lighting in a commercial environment is not without its challenges; cost, timescale, energy efficiency, effectiveness, brand representation, staff well-being and a low maintenance scheme are all key factors to consider.

When designing with light we feel it is essential to look at the space or landscape in an ergonomic fashion i.e. creating an environment that interacts with human responses, looking closely at how that space will be used and how people will feel when they are in it. The beauty of the right lighting design is enabling that environment and its appearance to change at the touch of a button, allowing the space to respond immediately to whichever mood may be required in a situation.

We also take into consideration that lighting in a commercial environment must be easily controllable by staff. Lighting control systems are ideal for commercial lighting, as presets will be used frequently throughout the day and night and need to be simple to use.

We believe that the most successful lighting design schemes, are those which compliment the architectural elements of the building or landscape thereby providing total architectural design integration.

All new lighting installations will be designed to meet the needs of our clients within their brief, budget and timescale, whilst not compromising on light quality, energy efficiency and lighting regulations.