Public Building Lighting

Client: The City of London, Tower Bridge, London - 2010

Interior Lighting Design scheme

The Engine Rooms, Phase 1

The Victorian Engine Rooms still house the impressive coal-driven engines that once powered the bridge.

Brief: The initial brief was to light the Bascule engine ensuring that it could be seen from street level by passers-by in the day. In addition to this, the City of London required Eleni to light the exhibition space in the day; to incorporate a colour-changing LED solution for evening events; and finally to emphasise the engines themselves.


Bascule Engine and Feature Window: In order for the Bascule Engine to be seen through the window, Eleni used 4 exterior floodlights with anti-glare louvers to blast it with light. In addition, 6 smaller metal halide spots were used to highlight specific characteristics of the engine. At night the floodlights are turned off leaving the engine subtly lit to passers-by and evening guests. As this area is directly connected to the main events area, the RGB LED’s filter through the space, creating a unified lighting system that encompasses the Engine Rooms.

Engine 2: Sitting in the most poorly lit of the rooms, a total overhaul was required to light this stunning engine. Eleni used adjustable metal halides on a track-mounted system to highlight key features of the engine. In keeping with the overall lighting scheme, RGB LED’s were integrated within to accentuate its bold colours and create a dramatic lighting effect. The piston, previously hidden in the dark, was backlit using a continuous linear length of fluorescents and spot lit using narrow beam metal halides. Eleni worked within the beautiful architectural features, highlighting their geometry and structure, not conflicting with them. She also wanted to enhance the length of both walkways and the light used creates this effect, as if the tunnel is lit as far in to the distance as the eye can see.

Glazed Roof Area: Although this area is transformed at night into an exciting events venue, the lighting scheme had to ensure exhibits and information boards were adequately lit throughout the day. Dimmable low voltage adjustable track lighting allowed this, whilst also creating an evening atmosphere by pin spotting the dining tables. For the impressive transformation into an events space, RGB LED’s flood the roof space highlighting its architectural features. Again, a bespoke adjustable fitting was designed to clip onto the exposed ceiling beams. Through the room’s archway are the Accumulator Chambers, which Eleni lit using exterior floodlights with a green gel to accentuate the original colour of the chambers creating further stunning feature for guests to experience.