Public Building Lighting

Client: The City of London, Tower Bridge, London - 2010

North Tower Lounge

Brief: The brief was to light the Lounge with a multifunctional scheme that compliments both daytime and evening events. The scheme must accentuate its impressive ceiling height and emphasise the beautiful architectural features of the room, whilst being low maintenance.


Daytime Events: The challenges faced were very little natural daylight, an 11m high ceiling, and a dark interior. In conjunction with Commercial Lighting Systems, Eleni designed a bespoke fitting that indirectly reflects light back into the room, creating an effect that the whole room is bathed in light. However, it was still imperative to highlight the architectural features, so surface mounted wall lights were placed either side of the window, creating a stunning vertical lighting effect on the brickwork. The height of the ceiling was a major consideration, so all suspended luminaires were placed on remote controlled lighting lifts.

Evening Events: A colour-changing LED system was used to dramatically light the architectural features of the room. An additional bespoke light fitting was designed to light the stunning window mullions. Due to its Grade I listing, nothing permanent could be attached, so a removable fitting was required. 10 adjustable tight pin spot up and down lighters were individually surface mounted to the back of the steel cross that sits across the window. To complement this, suspended adjustable dimmable spot lights were chosen to supply direct accent lighting into the room, creating a stunning overall impact.