Restaurant Lighting

Client: Zilli Brasserie, Jubilee Quarter, Brighton - 2008

Interior Lighting Design scheme

Brief: To light the space incorporating interior architectural design by Karim Rashid with his trademark curves, organic shapes and statement features. A control system that could adapt to a variety of scenarios from bright morning breakfasts to calming evening sittings was also required. The lighting also had to be controllable by staff. With only 8 weeks to turn this project around Eleni worked directly with Alan Phillips architects, the owner of the hotel and Aldo Zilli. As it was adjoined to the Merkaba Bar, it was important to have a connecting pathway to maintain the flow and feel through from the bar, this had to be lit accordingly.

Concept: Lead interior designer Karim Rashid, had created a theme involving organic shapes, curves and the seaside to reflect its Brighton location. The main feature of the brasserie was a seaside inspired wall so the rest of the space and the lighting design very much had to complement and emphasise this. The ground breaking curved ceiling light selected did just this. The fitting was the latest in innovative lighting not yet seen in the UK. A modular system, that can be assembled in any way to give maximum creative interpretation was crafted into a wave design, which is seen undulating across the whole length of the restaurant, drawing customers to take in the space in its entirety providing total architectural design integration.

Leaving the more informal brasserie space, high end fixtures lead you round to the fine dining VIP area, where original bespoke light fittings were designed giving a luxurious plush feel to the space. Incorporated into the flow and design of the lighting are key shapes and colours from the area, furniture and flooring and importantly the clients’ 3D brand identity.