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Residential Lighting

Residential Lighting Design

The right lighting design can transform your house into a home, creating atmosphere and allowing your personality to shine through. Whilst poor lighting design is instantly recognizable, the right lighting design should blend seamlessly into the space, enhancing the interior and exterior of your home. Each room may have differing lighting design needs and levels of light required, but almost anything can be realised. Using Task, Accent or Ambient lighting either individually or combined allows flexibility at the touch of button to lighting levels that change according to the function or required atmosphere of a room. With the correct planning and consultation we help you locate and complement the architectural and living elements of your home both internally and externally, endeavoring to contribute greatly to your sense of well-being.

We believe that all interior &exterior lighting installations can be designed properly to provide the required lighting result but also incorporate the most energy efficient lighting equipment suitable for the application.

So whether you want to totally transform your home, are just concentrating on one area or a key feature, through the creative use of light we can advise and design a concept to suit your budget, demonstrating our passion and belief that the right lighting design can make significant improvements to the interior and exterior of your home, your well-being and complement your vision perfectly.