A selection of my favorite projects.

Residential Lighting

Project: Basement conversion, Brighton - 2006

Interior Lighting Design scheme

Brief: To create as much light as possible in this basement space designed by Alan Phillips Architects.

Concept: In order to give the client light where they needed it, the lighting design scheme was based on lighting each area specifically, as opposed to the more usual method of flooding the whole basement in light. This was achieved by using a wide range of accent and task luminaries that worked in perfect unison.

In the kitchen low voltage halogen directional down lighters were used, so that they could be adjusted to direct the light where it was most required. One of the challenges to overcome was that the client didn’t have kitchen wall cupboards, so there was nothing to surface mount any under cupboard lights to, counter acting any shadowing created by the down lighters. Eleni’s clever solution was to create bespoke shelving that could incorporate recessed mini halogen lights, providing the perfect amount of light and no shadows.