A selection of my favorite projects.

Residential Lighting

Project: Eco-House, Sussex – 2007 / 2008

Interior Lighting Design scheme

Brief: A 100% energy efficient lighting design scheme for a family home.

Concept: The challenge was to create the scheme using only CFL and LEDs lighting whilst simultaneously creating a soft ambient level of light more readily associated with a family environment. Using warm white CFL lamps, T5 fluorescent lamps and warm white LEDs the brief was fully met encompassing the client’s wishes by providing the right level of lighting in a home that worked harmoniously with the environment.

Due to the 8-metre length of the kitchen, a solution was required which could provide a continuous even wash of light reaching the required amount of lumens, whilst avoiding the use of non-energy efficient light sources. The solution was to use a linear recessed profile system with T5 fluorescent lamps, more traditionally seen in commercial spaces. Eleni took a risk in recommending this pioneering solution, but by also introducing the set of 3 opal glass pendant luminaries, the room was softened, retaining the residential lighting warmth and feel whilst also creating enough light required in a focal point such as a family kitchen. This project truly epitomises modern living whilst totally respecting our environment with no compromises.