A selection of my favorite projects.

Residential Lighting

Project: Hi-Tech Living, Ovingdean, Sussex - 2008

Interior and Exterior Lighting Design scheme

Brief: An all singing, all dancing colour and lighting design scheme to maximise the effect of the client’s opulent Middle Eastern inspired taste, reflected in the interior design by Pfeiffer Designs.

Concept: With an unrestricted budget, a full home-works lighting control system was installed with Eleni able to obtain fantastic results from the huge range of different lighting equipment used.

A play of strong bold lighting design treatments and colours reflect the character of the client, his background in music and his desire to transform what is his home by day into the ultimate party and entertaining space.

Using accent lighting to enhance architectural design details, focal points and angles throughout the space, the lighting design scheme actually went onto inspire some of the key architectural design features such as the dropped ceiling in the living area. The perfect collaboration between both interior and lighting designer led to this projects success.