A selection of my favorite projects.

Residential Lighting

Project: Penthouse Flat, Brighton - 2004

Interior Lighting Design scheme

Brief: To create a lighting design scheme that enabled this bachelor pad to be transformed from a home during the day into a fun hi-tech entertaining space at night.

Concept: In the master bedroom, Eleni was keen to accentuate the unusual pitched roof by using up and down wall lights with a dichroic filter to give it some colour, providing a fun element and key feature to this room. Recessed wall lights were used in the rest of the space so as not to distract from this feature. Elsewhere accent lighting was used to highlight design pieces on show in the hallway and living areas. The kitchen was lit with bright, energising lighting to complement the contemporary interior design and create maximum impact on entrance.

The client was keen to have all the latest mod-cons so a scene-setting lighting system was installed, which enabled the client to have every day lighting during the day, switching to more of a party scheme in the evenings with different washes of colour moving throughout the space.