Regulations and Sustainability

A key company philosophy is to be conscious of the earth’s needs whilst satisfying our own. Eleni Shiarlis Lighting actively promotes ‘energy efficient’ lighting and is proactive in finding innovative ways to reduce its environmental footprint, making it the basis of every design process. New technological advances in the lighting industry have led to major breakthroughs ensuring that there are few compromises that need to be made when creating energy efficient schemes. It is essential that all new lighting installations are designed properly to provide the required lighting result and incorporate the most energy efficient lighting equipment suitable for the application.

FACT - Currently, a substantial proportion, if not the great majority, of existing lighting installations use inefficient lighting equipment. Conversion of these inefficient installations to energy efficient types of lamps, control gear and luminaires could save up to 50% or more of the electricity consumed without reducing lighting quality - in many cases, lighting quality would be improved. Fluorescents and LED’s have greatly advanced in technology resulting in low energy consumption, long lamp life and soft warm light.

Below you can find links to the industry body websites, and information about new initiatives regarding both residential and commercial lighting and the great leaps that our industry is making in changing the way we think about sustainable lighting. Please note Eleni Shiarlis Lighting bears no responsibility for any content of the sites listed.