Commercial Lighting

Professional lighting design can transform your commercial space.

Companies have become increasingly aware of the importance and the impact that good lighting has within their interior and exterior spaces, including restaurants, hotels, bars, retail and office spaces. Both interior and exterior lighting is an important marketing tool, and a carefully chosen lighting design scheme will emphasise your brand and merchandise your products. Involvement from a lighting designer in the early stages is a fundamental factor in the success of a project.

When designing with light it is essential to look at the space so that it interacts with human responses, looking closely at how that space will be used and how people will feel when they are in it. Lighting control systems are ideal for commercial lighting, as presets will be used frequently throughout the day and night and can be simple to use.

On a commercial lighting design project the time and budget is key. Eleni will work closely with you to ensure your lighting designs are implemented in time and on budget, to deliver the perfect architectural lighting scheme to fit your needs. Eleni can bring her wealth of experience and expertise to deliver all of this to your commercial lighting project.

Eleni is available to deliver professional and innovative commercial lighting design solutions across Brighton & Hove, East and West Sussex, Kent and London.