Light Festivals

Light Festivals are a particular passion of Eleni’s. Light can be an incredibly creative medium, and Light Festivals throughout the world are a great source of inspiration for Eleni and her work, offering an experimental playground to see how far lighting design can be taken.

Some of Eleni’s favourite Light Festivals are Lewes Light (more info below) Lumiere Festival UK, Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf, Amsterdam Light Festival and Fête des lumières in France.

Lewes Light: Festival of Light

A Festival of Light celebrating culture, history and the environment in and around Lewes and the South Downs through the medium of light, art and design. With an eclectic, dramatic and sometimes surprising mix of installations inspired by the town. Eleni has had the pleasure of being involved with the festival for several years, contributing innovative and creative lighting installations:

  • Client: Lewes Light Project: Lewes Light 2020 Photographer: James McCauley Photographer: Carlotta Luke Photographer: Mills & King Photography Photographer: Jim Whittington “Lunar Cycles” installation by Eleni […]
  • Client: Lewes Light Project: Lewes Light 2018 Photographer: James McCauley “Magnificent Trees” installation by Eleni Shiarlis Lighting, 2018 This charming and historic setting was home to […]
  • Client: Lewes Light Project: Lewes Light 2016 Photographer: James McCauley “Trinity St Johns” architectural lighting scheme by Eleni Shiarlis Lighting, 2016 Eleni fell in love with […]