Residential Lighting

They say home is where the heart is, and it’s so true. We want our personalities to shine through in our home and Eleni Shiarlis Lighting brings lighting design that enhances architectural detail and illuminates your personal touch.

Eleni uses her technical lighting expertise to carefully work through a clients specifications and works with a bespoke team of external professionals to design an integrated lighting scheme specific to you and your home.

Bringing her experience of residential lighting design, Eleni will create a practically functioning and beautifully atmospheric space for you to live in. Focusing on the entire house and specific areas such as swimming pools and spas, cinema rooms, and home studios, Eleni has the creative vision and technical skills to light your home.

More and more people are using home automated systems to create practical and highly functional lighting schemes. Eleni produces a full technical package to work with your home automated specialists.

Eleni will always work closely with you to create a lighting scheme that delivers on budget and time, and is available to deliver professional and innovative residential lighting design solutions across Brighton & Hove, East and West Sussex, Kent and London.